Mount the Combine Roof Array


Use extreme caution while working on the cab roof. Surfaces on the roof may be uneven or slippery and hardware and harnesses may present tripping hazards. Contact a local equipment dealer for additional information or assistance with working on the roof of specific make and model machine.

Complete the following steps to assemble and mount the antenna bracket, including the radio, and RS Lite.

Note:   The CR7™ and Field Hub manuals offer best practices and considerations for mounting and connecting these components. These manuals are available at or by using the links above. Please refer to these documents when installing the OMNiDRIVE™ system.


The information affixed to the bottom of the Field Hub will be required to activate the device and provision the OMNiDRIVE™ system. Before mounting the Field Hub, it is strongly recommended to remove the SIM card and modem labels affixed to the bottom of the modem. Store this information in a safe location or on the top of the modem temporarily. Take a photo of the IMEIClosed International Mobile Equipment Identity information on the bottom of the Field Hub.

OMNiDRIVE™ System Diagram - Combine

  1. Thread the radio antenna onto the roof bracket.

  2. Use the supplied bolts (P/N 311-4050-139N) and nuts (P/N 312-4000-216) to mount the RS Lite (P/N 063-0174-121) to the RS Lite mounting bracket (P/N 107-2610-023).

    Note:  Pass the bolts up through the bottom, flat face of the mounting plate so that the bolt heads are facing down toward the cab roof.

  3. Apply the supplied tape (P/N 332-0000-044) to the bolt heads to help prevent the bolts from contacting the cab roof.

  4. Use the supplied bolts (P/N 311-4050-136N) and nuts (P/N 312-4000-216) to fasten the mounting bracket to the antenna bracket assembly (P/N 063-2610-015) as shown in the figure above.

    Note:  It may be necessary to adjust the height of the RS Lite mounting bracket while securing the antenna bracket assembly to the roof.

  5. Secure the radio (P/N 063-2610-003) to the radio mounting bracket (P/N 107-2610-022) using the supplied bolts (P/N 311-4050-095N) and nuts (P/N 312-4000-215).
  6. Mount the radio bracket assembly to the top of the antenna bracket assembly with the bolts (P/N 311-4050-139N) and nuts (P/N 312-4000-216).

  7. Connect the radio cable (P/N 115-2610-068) and E-StopClosed Emergency stop button or switch. cable (P/N 115-2610-056) to the radio and E-Stop antennas on the antenna bracket assembly.
  8. On top of the cab roof, remove two roof bolts toward the front of the cab.
  9. Place the antenna bracket assembly on the roof and line up the holes.

    Note:  If necessary, loosen the small bolts on each side of the antenna bracket and adjust the bracket to fit the mounting posts.

  10. Proceed to the Connect Combine OMNiDRIVE™ System Cables for assistance with the final connections to the roof array and antenna components of the OMNiDRIVE™ system on the combine.

P/N 016-2610-001 Rev. B Aug 2021 E37866