Install the Flood Lighting System


Use extreme caution while working on the cab roof. Surfaces on the roof may be uneven or slippery and hardware and harnesses may present tripping hazards. Contact a local equipment dealer for additional information or assistance with working on the roof of specific make and model machine.

OMNiDRIVE™ System Diagram - Tractor

Bracket Assembly

  1. Use the large mounting bolt, isolator, washer, and lock nut to secure the flood light base bracket to the side mounting bracket (P/N 116-2610-011) and rear mounting bracket (P/N 116-2610-012).

  2. Use the long machine bolt, plastic washers, remaining washer, and nut to secure the flood light assembly to the mounting brackets.

Side Mounting Bracket

  1. Remove the roof bolts located just behind the antenna bracket mounting location on the left and right sides of the roof.

    Note:  Do not mount the light brackets to the same location as the antenna bracket.

  2. Use the provided M6 bolts and washers to secure the side mounting brackets and lights to the roof.
  3. Insert the cleats (P/N 107-2610-021) onto each mounting bracket and secure the cleat using the provided M5 hex key bolts.

  4. Adjust the flood lights as needed to illuminate the area in view of the perception cameras.

Rear Bracket Mounting

  1. Remove the roof bolt to the right side of the rear camera and RS Lite mounting bracket.

  2. Use the existing bolt from the tractor roof to mount the rear light bracket to the tractor roof.
  3. Adjust the flood light as needed to illuminate the area in view of the perception cameras.

Connect the Lighting Harness

  1. Route the implement flood lighting harness (P/N 115-2610-078) to each flood light.
  2. Route the cables to the right, rear corner of the cab roof and into the cab through the grommet in the lower, right corner of the rear cab window.

  3. Route the lighting harness along the right window to the accessory power strip in the cab and connect to an available port.

  4. Continue to the Assemble the Antenna Bracket topic for assistance with assembling the OMNiDRIVE™ antenna and beacon bracket.

P/N 016-2610-001 Rev. B Aug 2021 E37866