Mount and Connect the Radar Assembly

OMNiDRIVE™ System Diagram - Tractor

Mount the Radar Sensor

  1. Park the tractor on a known level surface.

    Note:  Bring the tractor to a gradual stop. Stopping slowly helps prevent the self-adjusting suspension and tractor cab from activating and placing the tractor at an unlevel position or angle.

  2. Loosen and remove the bolts securing the weight plates at the front of the tractor.
  3. Remove the factory weight brackets.

    Note:  The radar mounting bracket will replace one of the factory weight brackets.

  4. Slide radar mount assembly (P/N 063-2610-009) into a slot between the weights.

    Note:  Be sure the decal on the radar sensor flag assembly is facing toward the radiator and that the radar sensor is aligned with the center line of the tractor (±1" [±2.5 cm]).

  5. Reinstall and tighten the weight bolts to secure the weights and the radar sensor.

Calibrate the Radar Sensor

  1. Locate the ground speed radar and bracket underneath the tractor near the center of the cab. This is a known level surface of the tractor for correct ground speed readings.

  2. Measure angle of ground speed radar bracket by placing a digital level or cell phone with level app along the edge of the bracket.

  3. Zero the level to this surface.
  4. Place the level on the on rear surface of radar sensor flag.

  5. Use a 5mm hex key wrench to loosen the radar flag on the braket.
  6. Adjust the radar flag bracket 2° (±0.5°) above horizontal from the ground speed radar bracket measurement.
  7. Tighten the set screws and recheck level measurement.

Connect the Radar Harness

  1. Raise the front cover/hood of the tractor and release the latches to allow easier access to the space between the radiators.

  2. Connect the radar pigtail cable (P/N 115-2610-019) to the radar assembly.

  3. Connect the 2-pin and 3-pin connections on the radar pigtail to the John Deere 8R radar cable (P/N 115-2610-005).

    Note:  Two 3-pin, Y-adapters (P/N 408-4002-811) are connected to the radar cable and a 3-pin terminator (P/N 408-4002-734) has already been installed in each adapter.

  4. Route the radar cables from the weight rack into the tractor cab and secure using the provided zip ties. The following images offer an example of the recommended cable routing through the engine compartment.

    Note:   Review Recommendations and Best Practices for additional information on routing and securing cables and harnesses.

  5. Pass the radar cable into the cab through the grommet located next to the steering column.

    Note:  It may be necessary to remove the Y-adapter from the radar cable to feed the cable into the cab. Be sure to replace the Y-adapter once the cable connection is inside the cab.

  6. Route the radar cable to the right side of the tractor cab and behind the operator seat.
  7. Connect the 3-pin plug to the connector labeled VC0 on the VCU power cable (P/N 115-2610-006).
  8. Route the remaining 2-pin connector to the power distribution module and connect to the port labeled J3.

  9. Proceed to the Install the Brake System and Clutch Harness topic to continue with the installation process.

P/N 016-2610-001 Rev. B Aug 2021 E37866